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Finally one day he said

0 comments I wish the world of single men and women as soon as possible to find true baoli0827 love, I wish the world of men and women in love and never parted! Rabbit Love career double harvest! Xia bridge like no special reason, just that he had a deep fascination with hands on my waist, indescribable feeling, warm or hot. He is a very very quiet man, there is no bad habits, rarely smoke, never erosion in debauchery. For me, he has always been a hint of concern, he never said like me, but I know that besides me, he did not find another girl too, I thought so shallow vague feeling will continue long time.

Finally one day he said, Mo Xiaoqing, I have a girlfriend. I am very calm and nodded, smiled and said: “Congratulations to you, hey.” His face is still small, very indifferent looked out the window. A long silence, he said, you’re still my friends, now is the future too. I did not ask why he had this girlfriend, he did not mention why the initiative that called on the choice O’Young girl to be his parajumpers girlfriend. This time, I did not stay at his place for so long, when it has been sunset, warm warm afterglow shines on the body, the flash reflected the chest pendant, which he gave me, he told me , see this will think of him, I remember he was a faint smile on face, but also some laughing look.

Bar “Xuan” lying quietly on the 18th Jin Lan Street, as if the front does not meet the daily breath, and say what you really? The appearance of calm will conceal inner wild? I carefully opened the heavy door bars, center stage manic music filled my ears, wanted to leave, after the depression, or choose a corner and sat down. An appearance handsome waiter walked in front of me, “Miss Will want something to drink?” I suspect got it wrong, that makes me sound too familiar, raised his head to look, really is not, perhaps, I think he wanted too deep. He stared at me, so I am a little embarrassed.