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This star surroundings doesn

0 comments Thought of that to continuously tear to pieces of huge of exceed the long space crack in the hundred million.Being Qin Yu is again strong, have to round road but walk, either.That space crack isn’t a , but a chain of.Qin Yu also not should directly cross pass by.Face a star from the fan, Qin Yu passes’interstellar transmission’arrive at same close to dark star boundary, just at fan face the south of the star very far a star.On this star, Qin Yu Chu goes to dark star boundary.

This star surroundings doesn’t have space motion.Qin Yu flies a star first and greatly moved to move later on two, then arrived at the district of dark star boundary dark star boundary is a star that is very suitable for mankind to live, there is water current, there is also the plant like the flower and grass, however this star how much in the last years but nothing important the person once lived, today finally someone came.

“What is the row?”Qin Yu knits the brows a station on the lawn, parajumpers the fairy knew to overaly the whole star, this star he unexpectedly has no one person, besides which, “is thus suitable for mankind to live of star how have no a person, can mostly is a desolate star in this astrospace, the thus beautiful star is still seldom.Here should person mostly be.”This is Qin Yu him/herself ground judgment.

But Qin Yu know the person of dark star boundary, should have very big differentiation with the person of fairyland, evil boundary and demon boundary.Watched for a long time, Qin Yu dared to affirm this star estimate no one has already lived for a long time for a long time, because in this star, Qin Yu’s root now not the slightest artificial trace, all of everythings are so natural.

“Estimate this star is at dark star boundary edge, I continue the dynasty inner part wai0826lian seek, I don’t believe the person who cans not finds a dark star boundary.”Qin Yu displays to open to greatly move to move and disappear at this beautifully star surface.After a month.Qin Yu falsely signs in the one space, but the at heart is a bit helpless.Everything really comes from he anticipate.