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Signed to beside also smile

Signed to beside also smile. She also recall rise with Qin Yus day. Short short 20,000 years. Then stand erect a highest point at the absolute being boundary. This achievement, from the absolute being boundary is born to arrive at present. Also no one once attains. The easily Aeolian king says with a smile. Car Hou. You leave to be fond of sanctuary. Is also push wave to help Lan for Qin Yu Dis legend. The car Hou Yuan is indeed big to Qin Yus help ground.

The strategies are a, finally make Qin Yu working one Shan, create to go to battle a methodthe universe, on the chain machine, at last and more become new Jiang absolute being, also have car Hou the Yuan stays to Qin Yu of baby. Such as cripple snow absolute being gun!

Certainly parajumpers jas destroy snow absolute being gun at present of so is severe, still kept absorbing the Xuan Huangs spirit ground cause most importantly, otherwise originally cripple snow absolute being gun, also just that the second-grade Hong receives the power of working properly the treasure. How again may attain at present exceed the top-grade Hong receive to work properly treasure ground dint.

The chain machine is a, need natural endowments. Same demand time and experience ground backlog, short 20,000 years, even if accelerate the self-discipline in 1000000% areas in region in time. Remain is make people feeling unimaginable. The car Hou Yuan is in admiration of to say in one side. Qin Yu dai0815zi humbleness wayOn the chain machine, the younger generation heel car Hou elder generation. Still keep there being not small margin grounding.