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People often say that opportunities

People often say that opportunities always favor those who are prepared. Words quickly fulfilled. The project site owner growing up in Beijing has taken on a big project. Lack of parajumpers competent manpower his fancy little teeth, and now the site of the city to the small teeth sole agent. Both sides say good boss provide funds to earn both money equally. Small teeth respectfully to the discretion of the owner of three glasses of wine, solemnly promise, will do all the ability to take care of everything good on the huo0814ji site.

Small teeth knows that his dream of centrifugal close. Day and night are the things he wanted on the site. Personally examined, everything yourself personal practice is essential, coupled with the good of others, respect for workers, and no boss driving child, without deduction of wages of migrant workers, migrant workers regard the project as their own things to do. With workers’ own words, is a small tooth brother is our loved ones, along with a small tooth dry, not afraid of anything.

Thus another year, the efforts of the small teeth, the successful conclusion of the project, after a series of inspection and acceptance, the indicators are qualified. In the evening, the boss specially flew back from Beijing, the largest in the local four-star hotel on the site of all migrant workers and backbone were a grand banquet. After the seats, the boss alone with small teeth to sit in a club. Boss smiled at the small teeth, say something so small teeth did not expect words.