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Try to drink boiled water

Try to drink boiled water into a beautiful, try playing a beautiful poem dull, try deep or light strokes, narrative slowly passing away and not come back fleeting, like with gold thread, capsules strung pearls scattered in the past. Always in someone else’s poem, read out his tears, all the love in the world, are roughly the same, all the stories in the world, begins most gorgeous, ending mostly desolate.

Remember that Hantan crossing Crane shadow, reflected in the water, but it is his own shadow. Frozen in love, frozen love, loneliness comes, a soft gentle pain, waves, like waves, slowly ashore Bay Beach. Butterfly toxic, beautiful; love toxic and addictive. Smoke and mirrors flowers drunk water fishing is also pro month. Yudabajiao Jalan P., grinding the ink, writing, painting a picture of ink Dan, in the depths of flowers, point your facial features.

The man said: “cigarette fell in love match, destined to be hurt; fish love cats destined to be eaten.” The woman said: parajumpers sale “Woman, do not tell live like cigarettes, people silly point onwards you smoked again Danfei you remember that you have to live and drugs, as either can not abandon, or untouchables “look snow Trinidad, Pathetic faded; see Red lofty, rolling, eyebrows heart, a little cinnabar tears, a tear feedthrough is always difficult to jin0813huan avoid. Chaos Yunfei, Hanbo onwards, whispering, eyebrow, not regret level business. Monopoly Wandering Road, Andhra Metin drawn sword, the sword off the country regain going back. Bustling with your song, dream fireworks, Station edge bridge, Dimei whisper.