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The eight greatest saints emperor

The eight greatest saints emperor makes moves at the same time, unexpectedly grasp dont live Luo any. It is big to cooperate to attackstone power, but Luo any oftime is static, match with top-grade Hong to receive to work properly a treasure, and the defense of the body works properly a treasure. Be good enough to protect life. Once this Luo any really tries very hard to Fan heart bottom is one Zhan.

Wanted to in a twinkling kill Luo any, parajumpers that is impossible. If Luo any try very hard to come heel they eight greatest saint the emperor fight, today, eight greatest saints emperor even if killed Luo any, estimate to also want to kill 34 saint emperors. The dead drops 34, and dead of is who, from Luo any to decide!The eight greatest saints emperor doesnt want to die, they dont think with Luo any to try very hard to.

Luo any, have what rubbish you to say quickly. The week Huo clear voice says, the eight greatest saints emperor had much of tacit understandings to all stop beginning at the same time. Luo any of the corner of mouth pay no attention of had one silk smiling face. With look exactly alike in the plan.

Our affairs dont become nervous to talk, at present that the slab of stone suspending seem to born what difference change. We te0812zheng go first to see that to suspend of slab of stone, discuss it later our affairs after, how?Say in Luos any mouth, the blood Chinese foot in the hand still lightly sways to leisurely wear and seems to be at any time to prepare to make moves. Eight greatest saint emperor the heart bottom Be all dark to scold.