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I am 26 years old

0 comments November 1, 2010, I met her at 118 Plaza Shanghai Putuo District, her name is Kiki, I clearly remember the first time I saw her look with a pair of talking eyes, she left me the impression very profound. Did not expect the next day became my colleague in Jinhua, did not think she and I have the story takes place, but did not TGJRHF11 think she was a woman I am so attached to. Everything surprised me, and now I have been unable to calm in the face of my own, can not face the feelings between her and me.

I am 26 years old, she was a lot older than me, but it looks like it is 28 years old, she is a woman northeast, long very beautiful, very feminine, cheerful, considerate, people are very sincere, and generous; also comparison to others. But also very high-handed, may also be a woman’s personality northeast it! Today is 2011 of March 11, is her birthday, recalled from beginning to realize that now, bit by bit, the psychological is very tangled, can not be relieved, walked along the streets; delicious snacks eaten together, woolrich had a laugh with tears, deeply branded in my heart. I do not know when to start the habit of her strong, like her temper, indulged her overbearing.

In fact, she is a woman is not easy, had a marriage is not complete, that part of the failure of her marriage and family misfortune big, big blow. To forget the pain of the past, just northeast came from distant places we met. Understanding is a fate, a fate. I think there will not be a woman of my heart, but I was wrong, I’m in love with her, I see her every day if my heart will be empty, would like to see her smile, hear her voice. Maybe I should not like a much larger than me and is a divorced woman, you might think I’m humble, but things are now, how can I like it? Feelings are not all of a sudden say that you can put in place under.

She said she was a misstep was with me, she was very sorry. She said she could not, and a little boy with a lot more than her, she said she was bored, I do not want to see me, who gave me the opportunity, I did not cherish. I also admit that the beginning and she has not thought about the future, but slowly I began to find very attached to her, see her time will deeply miss her. She said I do not know her, able to get to her inner world. If fortunate she saw her I wrote this text, I believe it will touch her 鈥嬧€媓eart.