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The ray of light being verdant slowly

The ray of light being verdant slowly flows to turn in the attic surface, but attic surroundings of lawn.Seem also and be subjected to there risingly the dint of the life parajumpers jas influence, the grass, flower fights to be the first ground continuously in plant.”Is finally wanting to blend successful?”Qin Yu looking at at present this attic.In the attic second floors, signs and then grows to cover with to spread down.Cross legs to sit quietly.That radiant face spreads vital of shining glory, whole body all surge wear life of dint.

The capability is profound.All respond a geologic change to here turn such as the persons, such as Lan, Hou fee and black feather…etc..All very and soon arrived to attic outside, they also know that signed final reckoning at the moment.An all in the attic outside, have no one person to intrude into without authorization.

“Shout!”Air abrupt however a burst of vibration, that verdant color ray of light suddenly constringency, the allly verdant color ray of light moment refrains from rash action disappearance from the attic surface.The whole attic resumed common shape.Qin Yu’s eyes fiercely a bright.

“Small feather, inside how?” Smooth small voice inquiry way, he by this time also worries to sign son in the heart.But public medium, only Qin Yu signs mind to 08zhi08jing respond with.And Qin Yu is a new cosmos landlord person, sign a ground of circumstance to, the nature is Qin Yu to acquaint with most parajumpers outlet .