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He ground the companion

Clear jade mansion!South Pole mirror light the city lately set up a clear jade mansion.Because of carrying wood jade to step to in mental concentration state king.Just impartially open a mansion, recruit parts of disciples.”Clear jade palace lord, open a mansion at present, it is said that parajumpers sale that recruits six eminent family person.Can want to be a clear jade palace lord ground disciple, badly now many.”A celestial spirits low voice and companion say outside the clear jade mansion.

He ground the companion also nod a way:”We the big captain also want to take part in, it is said that, take part in a disciple selection the ground have a competition in, only upper part celestial spirits, then once had 10.”"See, these six disciples all all without exception was parajumpers jassen an upper part celestial spirits.”That celestial spirits nods to say.At the moment, the week shows to take two attendants and has already arrived at a clear jade mansion outside, he naturally hear distance two celestial spirits grounds dialogue not.

See toward the clear jade mansion, the week is attractive medium cold light one Shan:”The upper part celestial spiritses all want to be to carry wood jade ground servant, but I ground attendant uniquely two upper part celestial spiritses, still be subjected to father emperor order at I is nearby.”The general upper part celestial spirits all wants to be further again, only heel at absolute 0807shouji being Wang Shen Pang.

As for does the week show?Its identity unless, the upper part celestial spirits has again who will be pleased to listen to him ordering?”One day there will, I also want those upper part celestial spiritses, all imprecation I, be my ground disciple.”The week shows to ruthlessly say in the heart.Immediately face up disguise a smiling face again, walk to clear jade mansion mansion door outside.