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The absolute being boundary

0 comments The absolute being boundary is 11 general situation dints, eight greatest absolute being clan, three greatly fly to rise influence.These three greatly fly to rise influence in, with fix Luo sea is the strongest.Fix Luo absolute being king, of position, absolutely as many as eight greatest saints emperor.

“Fix the Luo absolute being king’s real strenght, even all of eight greatest saints emperors are afraid of very much.Ever since car Hou Yuan for fix Luo absolute being the king refined a top-grade Hong to receive to work properly a treasure.Any absolute being king, all don’t dare woolrich jassen to make it lively for car Hou Yuan.”Sign son exclamation to say.

The top-grade Hong receives to work properly a treasure, too precious.”Sign son, you trust, I one day will also refine a top-grade Hong to receive to work properly a treasure.”Qin Yu says with a smile and signs woolrich jassen dames the Hao speech that the son faces Qin Yu strong language and ordered to nod, she is to really shui0806bei believe that Qin Yu cans make.In the middle of signing son heart, what Qin Yu said can attain.

“Sign son, the east pole saint emperor is what life Cang I observe and learn industry son in Europe chain machine this time, I must go, either.So “Qin Yu the apology ground looking at to sign son.Qin Yu doesn’t want to leave to sign son, but signs son always can not appear in the east to dazzle a Kingsoft very much.