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In fact a bit public understood

0 comments The “eldest brother.” black feather sees Qin Yu say so, all some Be getting more ashamed.Qin Yu Yi smiles:”Like, I didn’t say. small black, did this kid’s name want to like?”"Think like, if is a boy to call black kid, the girl calls black Tong.” black feather very simply way.The surroundings person cans not help tiny tiny one Leng, the white works properly a doubt to looking at black feather, “elder brother Yu, how the name rising is similar?”The “, the sound is similar, the word is different.” black feather says and then writes to public on seeing, public this just suddenly.

“Hi, the small white works properly. is a boy or a girl?” Hou fee hurriedly asks a way, the white works properly brilliant a smile:”Female of.”The small black Tong became parajumpers sale the whole Lan publically happy fruit inside the boundary, beloved daughter after being born.Rob for 49 days of small black Tong later on, the talented persons like Qin Yu,etc knows that this black Tong doesn’t have tradition memory, very obviously.The small black Tong isn’t an upper grade absolute being monster, super absolute being monster.

In fact a bit public understood after seeing the small black Tong essence was a lark, because lark one clan is a bird is one weak clan in the clan.The strongest absolute being monster just wins a class absolute being monster.Although the small black Tong is a bit special, but the essence is a lark, come to a decision not too strong.The dollar works properly in the Lan field of the spirit is ample, around a hundred years, the small black Tong spent 99 heavy rob.

Have Qin Yu this brother-in-law to send the best defense the fairy machine, the best attackstones a fairy machine, 99 heavy rob to spend of is also lightly loose to loosen.The small black Tong directly changes into person’s form later on, a lovely young girl.”What, did nine turn a dark gold body your self-discipline arrive 5 F? this just how many years, more than 500 years just.” also the Ju Be hard to believe to looking at Qin Yu, “this self-discipline body need most careful, otherwise the bone splits, repair but want to cost a great deal of energy and energy of.”

The bone is more strong and tough, once splitting and repairing a difficulty more big.So dinosaur a person self-discipline ground the time is all very careful, prefer to the speed slow zf0804wenzhang down a point, don’t want to let the bone split as well.After parajumpers jassen all attain seven class demon the emperor is or so, the bone then may compare an absolute being machine, want the difficulty repairing damaged absolute being machine, knows that the bone splits the difficulty of repair.