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parajumpers inattentive

0 comments The cold pond isn’t big, breadth 78 meters are or so, length also only 100 meters are or so.The just cold pond algidity is pressing, even Qin Yu this wait real strenght of time it is one Zhan to is also a body, weird BE, thus and icy coldly temperature.This cold pond but don’t freeze, on the contrary have a fish to visit in the cold pond.By the side of cold Tan only an inherit the man of green Shan is holding fishing rod, quiet quiet angle for fish.

The “don’t disturb a teacher, slightly etc. is in a short while.” white Shan youth pulled to pull Qin Yu to spread a sound to say at the same time, Qin Yu ordered to nod.Is then qingren0802jie quiet foolish at the cold pond side wait.”At under Qin Yu, don’t know an elder brother is ” Qin Yu waited in a short while boring, then and this white Shan the youth spread sound confabulation to get up.

“, Sorry, I haven’t told you my name. I am the fourth disciple of green emperor, loose stone.” white the dress youth Be slightly ashamed to say with smile to Qin Yus, “so long with joint signatures words didn’t tell Qin Yu Dao the friend, is really ashamed.”Qin Yu of”the loose stone way elder brother need not mind.” is the slightest parajumpers inattentive.

But at present Qin Yu Xin in the most inquisitive be the old friend that meets a green emperor is exactly who.”Loose stone way elder brother, the green emperor makes me see a person to this crescent moon gulf this time, what person do you know and see?” Qin Yu inquiry way.In Qin Yu’s eyes, loose the stone is after all a seven class fairy emperor.

Want parajumpers sale to necessarily is the left Bang better arm of this green emperor, should know this affair.”Qin Yu Dao’s friend, this affair I also really don’t know, you after a while the teacher will tell you naturally.” loose stone face up peeped out simplely smiling face.Qin Yu Zhi can order to nod.Is quiet quiet wait for a green emperor going fishing to end.