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Why on earth bitterness

The Yan likes that the gentleman falls feather, even in mutually let the gentleman fall feather become her husband, this gentleman falls feather to know.Just the gentleman fall feather center of earth the bottom have already had her person, even if her person is to kill a person!

All gentlemans fall feather heart the bottom just regard as Yan’younger sister Yi’just.However the Yan can’t admit that oneself is a gentleman to fall feather’younger sister Yi’of.”Yan son, my heart is dead, you again why on earth ” gentleman fall feather wry smile, Yan back have a severe teacher, oneself is also one class Xuan fairy, the such woman pursues a ground of male to also have a lot.Even if fairy emperor superior, also will become a Lyu.

“Why on earth bitterness what, want only at you nearby, I am getting more happy.”Peeped out sweet smiling face on the Yan face, the unexpectedly the slightest inattentive gentleman fell the unique feeling of feather.The gentleman falls feather low give woolrich jassen a sigh, turn over a hand of again is a pot of wine then toward pouring in the mouth.

“You still drink!”Just drank an one mouthful again drive Yan to a looted in the past, and with bad mercilessly the vision stared at a gentleman to fall feather, the gentleman fell feather one Zheng, soon after then tiny tiny a smiled then safe site knee to sit on the high in the clouds.The Yan saw Qin Yu Yi’s eye of side front want to fly to Qin Yu to talk here, but wrinkly knit the brows and stay at the zf0802wenzhang gentleman fall a feather body side.The Yan is to have good will to Qin Yu, but she doesn’t trust oneself’s ground’fall elder brother Yu’.

Time is in the passage, almost all superiors who round a view sat on the high in the clouds to slowly wait for.Wait a few hours to superior also of no consequence what, this also calculates 1 kind of disposition to whet to do.”The Lu expects, is fairy emperor evil emperor’s fighting when last time?”Qin Yu to Lu Ba Wen Dao, he also noticed just a gentleman to fall feather and of the Yan ground woolrich jassen dames conversation, about can figure out some affairs as well.